Curbside Garbage/Recycling

Garbage pick-up is early on Tuesday in the smaller (64-gallon) tote provided by Fuchs Sanitation. Please put out your totes the evening before.


Recycling is collected every other Wednesday (Zone 1 one week, Zone 2 the next) in the larger (96-gallon) tote provided by Fuchs Sanitation. Please put out your totes the evening before.


Garbage and recycling totes are to be placed (street side) at the end of driveways or backside of curb along boulevard, free of any obstructions.  Totes must be properly stored in an enclosed building, or for exterior storage, place neatly against either the back or side of the structure with lids fully closed. Your garbage and recycling tote should be moved off the boulevard as soon as possible after collection has been completed.


If a household has more garbage than will fit within a tote, residents must purchase garbage tags at the cost of $2.50/each. These may be purchased at Casey’s General Store, Petro Serve, or at City Hall. Excess garbage must be placed in bags no larger than 32 gallons. Items beyond this size require a special pick-up with Fuchs Sanitation.  Please see the list at the bottom of this page.


Fuchs Sanitation (218-498-2875) or City Hall (218-287-2313)




Frequently Asked Questions


Will my garbage and recyclables be collected the same day? No. Garbage collection will remain on Tuesdays. Recyclables will be picked up every other Wednesday (1/2 the City one week, the other 1/2 the next). Please see the links at the bottom of the page to see how the city will be divided and collection calendar.


Who do I contact if my tote is damaged? Fuchs Sanitation: 218-498-2875


When/where should I put out my garbage/recycling tote? It is recommended that totes are put out the night before, as early as 6 p.m.  Totes are to be placed five plus feet from any obstruction. Place at the end of driveway if possible, or on the boulevard within one foot of curb. When totes are delivered in September, Fuchs will place them in the approximate location where they weekly are to be placed.


Where do I store my garbage/recycling tote? Two options. #1 Inside. #2 For outside storage, totes are to be placed against back or side of the structure with lids fully closed, or stored in such a manner as to not create a nuisance condition and comply with all setback and easement requirements. Totes are to be properly stored by 8 pm the day of collection.


What are the parking regulations on collection days? On-street parking is prohibited city-wide on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (i.e. collection days), beginning October 1, 2019, from 5 am to 3 pm.


What sizes are the totes? Can I have a different size? 64 gallon totes for garbage. 96 gallon totes for recycling. These are the only available sizes.


Can I still use the recycling center? Yes.