Depot Building

Whistle Stop Park|3 Fourth Street NE
Capacity for the building is 50.
Virtual tours available here 
  Depot Building                              Kitchen                         Inside of the Building
Building Size 19 x 38 ft  Stove  50 chairs
Heating and air conditioning Microwave 11 — 6 foot tables
Smoke free facility Refrigerator 2 — 4 foot tables
Handicap Accessible 30 cup coffee pot Within Whistle Stop Park 
No Utensils No cleaning supplies  Alcohol is permitted inside the Depot

 For rental information, rates, and availability, please contact City Hall at (218) 287-2313


Total Per Day $  75.00
Damage Deposit $200.00


1. $75 holding deposit, is required within seven (7) days of reserving the Community Center. All payments must come from the user, no third party checks. The remainder of the rent is due 30 days prior to the Event.  If the Depot is reserved less than 30 days prior to an event, payment is due in full when the facility is reserved.  Reservations are not guaranteed if made less than 30 days prior to an event.


2. Cancellation/Refund Policy. If the reservation is canceled or rescheduled prior to the reserved date, a reduced refund will be given as outlined:

    • If the reservation is canceled prior to six (6) months in advance, $75 of the holding deposit will be refunded.
    • No refund will be given less than six (6) months before the event.
    • All cancellations must be submitted to the City in writing. The City reserves the right to cancel the Event.


3. Damage DepositThe User will pay a damage deposit of $200, 30 days prior to an event.  This amount must be paid with a check or cash and must come from the person signing the agreement. If there is any damage or it was not properly cleaned, you will be contacted and arrangements will be made for repairs or additional fees may apply for cleaning. If a damage deposit check does not have sufficient funds upon deposit into the City’s account, the event will be immediately cancelled and the renter will be charged any fees which may arise.


4. Damage Deposit Return. Damage deposit return checks will be processed no earlier than 14 days after an Event if there is no damage to the Depot or its contents. The City may also withhold a portion or all of the deposit if the User does not adequately clean the Depot following the Event or if the User is in material breach of this contract. The amount of the deposit does not limit the liability of the User for any damage or loss caused by the User or the User’s guests and invitees. The deposit will be returned if the Application is denied or if the Event is cancelled for any reason by the City or the User.