Knox Lock Box Requirement

Minnesota State Fire Code requires a lock box where access to or within a structure or an area is restricted because of secure openings or where immediate access is necessary for life saving or firefighting purposes.


Universal Lock Box Requirements:

  • The Knox key box is the approved lock box for the City of Dilworth. The Fire Department will be the only agency with key access to the key box.
  • Installed on all new buildings with the exception of single and two family dwellings. Large buildings may require additional key boxes.
  • Installed where an addition, renovation, or remodeling of an existing commercial building has taken place and is required by fire officials.
  • The Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued until the lock box is installed and contains access keys.


How to Purchase from

Property owners can order lockboxes at

Step 1: Click on the red 'BUY' button, or Select 'Begin Order' and choose order direct.

Step 2: Select Minnesota for the state and enter Dilworth for Dilworth Fire Dept. to populate the window. There will be two choices:  Dilworth Fire Dept. and Dilworth Fire Dept. (Residential Use ONLY-Homeboxes).

Step 3: Select product(s), enter installation address, acknowledge alerts, and add item(s) to cart.

Step 4: Complete the checkout process.

Each purchase request will be sent to the Dilworth Fire Chief for e-approval.  Once approved the transaction will be processed and the product will be shipped.


Installation and Location Requirements:

  • Lock boxes are to be installed as per manufacturer’s instructions.  It is recommended that boxes be installed with the through, wall mounting kit, if possible.
  • The lock box shall be mounted immediately adjacent to the front door or in the vestibule, at five feet above grade unless otherwise specified. 
  • For buildings with a “sprinkler room” with direct outside door access, the lock box may be installed on the exterior of the outside door of this room. 
  • Additional lock boxes may be required due to the size of the building, number of access keys or special hazards.


Required Keys:

Each key shall be placed on a separate key ring with a tag indicating its intended use and include the following keys if applicable to the structure: 

  • A master exterior entrance or grand master key.  Grand master key shall not allow entrance into individual apartments.
  • A master interior key with access to mechanical room, boiler room, and electrical room.
  • A key to the fire alarm/annunciator panels and manual pull stations.
  • A key to the sprinkler riser room.
  • A key for elevator access and control, including the elevator equipment room and firefighter elevator control key.


For questions, contact the Fire Department at 218-287-2248 or