Animal Control - Pet Licenses

The Dilworth Police Department enforces animal control within the city, to ensure safety in the community. Please contact the Police Department at 218-287-2666 to report a lost, found, stolen, or dangerous animal.


Pets found running at large will be impounded at the F-M Animal Hospital, 3803 8th Street South, Moorhead, MN. To inquire about an impounded pet, please contact 218-236-9059.


Pet Licenses

For safety reasons, the city requires that all dogs and cats over 4 months of age living within the city be licensed and have a valid rabies vaccination. Proof of the rabies vaccination must be presented when obtaining a license.


Licenses cost $7.50/each or $15.00/each after Feb. 1 and must be renewed each year and expire on December 31.

Chip License is $25.00/each and is good for the life of the pet. Chip number must be presented to staff at time of license. 


All pets must wear a license tag, so that it may be easily seen by officers of the city.  Please be advised that any pet found running at large without a license tag issued by the city will be impounded.

Forms can be found under the City Information tab.


Pets in public places

Pets are allowed in city parks, public rights-of-way, and open space areas, provided they are leashed and accompanied by their owner. When in public areas, pet owners must be equipped with a device to remove and dispose of feces created by their pet. Pet owners must also control their pet so that it does not disturb, harass, or interfere with others.


Pets are not allowed in park buildings or where posted. Pets found running at large or in violation of these regulations may be impounded.


Pets running at large

Pets must be leashed at all times, except when confined to the pet owner's property.  Any pet found running at large will be impounded.

Please be advised that the city requires all dogs and cats over 4 months of age to have a city issued license tag affixed to their collar at all times. Should a pet be found running at large, the city will attempt to contact the pet owner before taking it to the pound.


Pet owner liability

Please be advised that pet owners are responsible for the behavior and care of their pet. to ensure peace and proper safety of the residents in the city, pet owners are required to control their pet in accordance with the following:


1. Pets must not obstruct or interfere with any pedestrian or motor vehicle upon any public way or public area.

2. Pets must be controlled so that they do not disturb, make excessive noise, or interfere with the rights of other persons or pets.

3. Pets must be controlled so that they do not cause damage to public or private property. Pet owners are responsible for any damage caused by their pet.

4. Pets must be provided proper shelter, wholesome food and water, veterinary care, and humane treatment.

5. Pet owners must clean and dispose of all fecal matter created by their pet on public and private property. Animal waste on private property must be removed daily to prevent odors from occurring.