Snowmobile Operation

Snowmobiles in Transit

1. City Ordinance 74.20 allows snowmobile transit on city streets, avenues and alleys under the following conditions:
     a) When traveling to and from operational areas outside the city limits.
     b) During inclement weather when automobile travel is restricted.

2. Within city limits, snowmobiles must not exceed 15 mph.

3. Snowmobiles shall come to a full stop at all intersections.

4. Snowmobiles shall yield right of way to all other vehicles or pedestrians whenever they shall encounter them.

5. Carrying of more passengers than the machine is designed for is prohibited.


General regulations

1. Minimum age for operators within city limits shall be 14 years of age, 10 years of age if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

2. Permissible hours of operation within the city shall be from 7am to 12 o'clock midnight.

3. Snowmobile operation on private property, other than the property of the operator, without the expressed consent of the owner is prohibited.

4. Crossing Highway 10 is permissible only when crossing at right angles (directly across). This is a State Law also.

5. Parking of snowmobiles on curb or sidewalks on Center Avenue is prohibited.

6. Excessive night time operation in residential areas is prohibited.

7. Fully operational equipment: brakes, headlight(s), taillight(s), and mufflers are required for operation with city limits. Straight-pipe, cut-out or modified mufflers are prohibited.

8. In the event of an emergency, operation of snowmobiles shall be coordinated/directed by the Chief of Police of the city.

Violating any of the provisions in this ordinance is punishable under Chapter 1, Section 10.04 of the City Code.  If you have any questions, please contact the Dilworth Police Department at 218-287-2666.  For a full copy of Ordinance 70.01, please contact City Hall.