The DGF School District consist of two locations. The Dilworth location is used for Dilworth Elementary and the DGF Middle School. The Glyndon location is used for Glyndon-Felton Elementary school and the DGF High School

District Office
108 N Main St.
Dilworth, MN 56529

Fax: 218-477-6807
Phone: 218-477-6800


Dilworth Elementary
108 N. Main Street
Dilworth, MN 56529

Phone: 218-477-6801


Glyndon Felton Elementary
513 Parke Ave.
Glyndon, MN 56547

Phone: 218-477-6802


DGF Middle School
108 N.Main Street
Dilworth, MN 56529

Phone: 218-477-6803


DGF High School
513 Parke Ave.
Glyndon, MN 56547

Phone: 218-477-6804


Community Services & Athletics

Phone: 218-477-6805



Phone: 218-477-6806


District Wide Attendance Line

Phone: 218-477-6809